2016-09-15 01:41:24   Jordan Kemp      jk.jordan.kemp@gmail.com
Dear Rabbi Katzir,

My name is Jordan Kemp and I am interested in potentially attending services at the Temple Or Hadash. Though I am not currently Jewish (I was raised a Christian but fell away from the faith during high school due to various theological inconsistencies I had noted in the Protestant Church) I have lately been exploring Judaism, especially Reform Judaism, and have become extremely interested in this faith.

My questions essentially revolve around whether or not it would be acceptable if I attended a service sometime in the near future to continue to experience and explore Judaism.

If so, what sort of dress code does the Temple Or Hadash require (are kippah required/should my wife cover her hair ect.) and does the temple have any facilities for those with young children (nursery viewing rooms or similar), as I do have a 16-month old currently and another son due in February as well. Also, are men and woman separated for prayers in the temple and how long do Shabbat services usually last, as these are items my wife will want to know.

Thank you for your help and my apologies for the myriad of questions.


Jordan Kemp