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This message is for religious leaders. The message must reach the religious leaders, please.

Enjoy as long as you are called, for the gates remain open for another time. Hurry to get in while the gates are open!
I do what I received from the CREATOR of the universe, from GOD.

Do what you have to do and return to obedience and faith in GOD. Provide evidence of obedience and obedience to enter into eternal life.
You are at the edge of the abyss. You will deceive one another by giving you hope of unity, but postpone important discussions: giving up idolatry and false ministry; Quit cheating. If you do not agree and will not unite at least two of you, how will you all unite? You love your functions and your doctrines and leave aside love and obedience to GOD. Believe where your heart is, there you will live forever, so you will live away from GOD. If you loved GOD, you would do all his pleasure.
I ask you: If in this life you have not been faithful in the functions entrusted to you, will you get another function in eternal life? So you work for a function in eternal life.

– here is nothing of yours;
– if you can not unite, and union means peace, how will the peoples join in one ministry?
– GOD IS ONE SINGLE. Any other ministry is false. You do not have to bind yourself to other suits, because you are not able to serve GOD as you need
– the armies and the peoples can not unite until those who lead them make peace and until they are overcome in all. So the emperors have to unite, for the peoples to live in unity. You ask for peace and understanding, when you do not understand and give no example of unity. You ask others what you can not do;
– give up pride, hate and quarrel, and when you say yes it is yes;
– for bad work is paid little or is not paid at all; You work well to get a good pay; Good work is paid even more than it should if MASTER of the house is satisfied;
– Do you believe what I say to you: you have no result in service, because you serve your faces, and this is a false spite; To remove evil, you must only pray to GOD, for only HE has power; If you serve the carved or painted faces, you will defile GOD through all these;
– GOD has created everything and it gives life, HE has power over everything, yet it is dishonest by serving and worshiping things made by man’s hand;
– is not all, praise, honor, glory, and thanksgiving to GOD? And you give it to the carved or painted faces;
– Expect the days of the end as some who have done all that is necessary, and who have obeyed the commandments of GOD; Work not to fall upon your punishment of the world, because men follow you and believe in you, not knowing that you are going on a wrong way;
– seek righteousness, understanding, forgiveness and peace to listen to your prayers;
– Ask for forgiveness of GOD and pray for all the countries and lands affected by trouble, deadly, hunger and thirsty, beaten with earthquakes, with fire and with hurricanes;
– teach the world to practice truth, forgiveness, righteousness and peace, because if you do not want them here, you will not have it all in eternal life;
– who knows many languages, but he does not know the fear of GOD and obedience, he does not use that science, and who knows the love of GOD and practice obedience, he will receive even more, because he can trust him ;
– the whole world is like a drunk man who does not wake up from drunkenness; 150 years of drunkenness; Throw the glass and leave a time to come back to reality;

!!!!!!! Make a solemn assembly and gather all religious leaders and ask for forgiveness of GOD for all the sins of the peoples and for all the sins of the world’s nations.

Tell the world:

1. to give up all the services by which dishonor is GOD, that is, to give up idolatry and ministry to someone else and to serve only GOD, because it is the only true ministry. Do not practice what is evil and give up lies;

!!!!!!! Those who forsake idolatry, but do not throw away the idols and faces made by the human hand out of the house, those who resemble those who give up the drink, but do not throw the bottles of drink and keep them in the house, looking every day to drink bottles That is, the desire of drunkenness in the heart of those who do so; They are always ready to return to their drunkenness. The one who returns to the state of drunkenness can be lost forever, because his fall is much higher. So, if you give up idolatry, throw the idols out of your house and free the soul from the burden of temptation;

2. to help those who flee from the countries struck by war and famine;
3. seek forgiveness and peace, understanding, and truth, and seek love and obedience to the commandments of GOD, for without love nothing can be built;
4. to give up the information obtained through modern technology, information that they do not use, because it is an occupation they do not need and cares about almost all the time; Yes, with the advent of modern technology, man no longer has time and no longer preoccupied with the soul, being busy with the information that makes no use of it; The information is very good, if it is for the soul and for the daily activities, but the world is always concerned with useless information.


– Israel, wonderful in your stubbornness for eternity, strong and true lion, because you have not overwhelmed your brothers’ idols and kept the way of serving GOD. You, Israel, are praise for GOD, stand steady until the end, have faith and patience in GOD.

– Islam, you have plenty of clean pots, but you have to get up and clean your waters, not to make the ships unclean, call on everyone to look for the path of peace and give up violence. Only in times of peace builds on high places, when peace builds on the heights.

– Christianity, everything is for straightening, if you get open with your heart, if you are wise and you do not hate truth and justice. Throw dishonesty and gladly receive truth and righteousness, get rid of false and false ministry. Whoever loves you is fighting for your straightening, because only whoever hates you tells you you’re doing well to see yourself lost. There is only one way: the ministry only to GOD.
– Christianity, you are immersed in idolatry by which you dishonor GOD by serving and worshiping the work of your hands. You worship and serve the faces of men. Wake up and set you straight, for the perfection you seek lies in the commandments and laws of GOD. You will not come to perfection through idolatry. It is a lie to say that you are doing well because you are working against GOD’s commandments. So who will tell you that you’re doing well? Throw your idols and bring honor and glory to GOD. Understand: GOD is ONE SINGLE and we are all creation. HE is the CREATOR and supporter of the universe. For the sake of traditions, you despise GOD by breaking the commandments. Jesus showed that you must serve GOD as He did. Jesus came to minister and to do the will of God.

– Protestants, you have separated a great part of your brothers, but you despise through your ministry and prayers GOD, because GOD is remembered very little in your ministry, you almost do not give it any importance. What do you think: Is Jesus pleased when he sees GOD as disinterested? Jesus is our big brother, but GOD is the CREATOR, HE IS GOD and FATHER to Jesus and ours. I say to you, pray to God that you will not be thrown out by Jesus, because you despised his GOD and our GOD, despising the ONE GOD. Jesus is our big brother and he has the function of scrutinizing the cleansing of spirits. Will your spirits be cleansed in that you despise GOD? So, all worship and service is due only to GOD, all praise, thanksgiving and honor are only to GOD and bless Jesus and the Spirit of GOD and thank them for their help. Blessed in your prayers all in heaven and on earth. Understand: GOD is ONE SINGLE and we are all creation. HE is the CREATOR and supporter of the universe. Jesus showed that you must serve GOD as He did. Jesus came to minister and to do the will of God.

– The rest, all the remaining religions, you who build temples and paint the idols in all colors, turn and serve GOD, for your ministry is in vain. Search and ask to understand the GOD’s commandments and laws and respect what GOD has demanded if you want to enter eternal life. There is only one way: service and faith in the ONE GOD, the CREATOR of the universe. Ask your brothers guidance to bring honor and praise only to GOD.

Do not be sad and do not hate your brothers, because the work is for straightening, but rejoice that you are told to come back and that through this you are called to GOD.
For GOD, you are all the same, but you have separated yourself through ministry, and the lie and the indifference of the world, the impurity that pates the spirit, these must disappear.

Be patient and keep your faith, for GOD is wonderful, but in this life you can not understand some things. Go over what you do not understand and go with faith before, doing the will of God. It is important that you enter into eternal life, and material things do not have to hurt your souls. The material goods and food are for the maintenance of the body in which the spirit lives. But just interested in keeping your spirit.

!!!!!!! All praise and thanks are only to GOD, because He has done them all, and He sustains them all by His power forever and ever.

GOD bless you !

You show that you love righteousness and peace.
Do something good if you want to be good and peace all over the world. At least, show respect, no matter what you hear and no matter what you think about life, and it may take ONE GOD to the world.
Enter, if you want, https://unitedwithisrael.org/ or write: United with Israel and sign for the unity of Jerusalem. Go to: Keep Jerusalem United (down the page). There you can give, if you want, the agreement for the unity of Jerusalem.
Send the message, please, if you want, to reach as many people as possible. Send the message by all means of communication.

GOD bless you !

Worthless servant’s