Professor Debra Yalen is teaching a history course at CSU this fall that explores modern Jewish history from a trans-regional perspective. Beginning with an overview of the medieval and early modern periods, we will examine the social, cultural, political and economic dimensions of the modern Jewish experience across continents.


Major topics include:


Global migration and diaspora identities
Tensions between religious faith and secularization
The struggle for civic emancipation and integration
The status of Jewish women
Cultural ferment and political radicalization
Language politics (Yiddish vs. Hebrew vs. “host-country” languages)
The American-Jewish immigrant experience
Religious Judeophobia vs. modern racial anti-Semitism
World War II, the Holocaust, and post-war commemoration
The modern state of Israel and the Middle East conflict
Jews in Communist bloc countries during the Cold War
The revival of Jewish culture in Europe in the 21st century

This course is History 467 and will be taught by Deborah Yalen, T/Th 2:00 – 3:15, Clark Building C Wing, Room 361