“Just as we have a period of preparation leading to the High Holy Days in the fall, it is appropriate that we spend some time getting ready for our spring festivals:

Passover and, seven weeks later, Shavuot, are the ‘high holy days’ of the second half of the Jewish year. We are now about as far as we can get in the calendar from Yom Kippur and the spiritual reckoning that comes with it; after the release and ribaldry of Purim, it is time to reset our internal compass, to focus once again on questions of ultimate importance.  Spring cleaning isn’t only for the insides of our homes; stripping away the hametz, the leavening or puffiness, of our spirits brings its own considerable rewards.”


Rabbi Kassoff has prepared a set of short texts to help prepare for Passover. Download them by going to our Newsletter page and downloading the file titled Preparing for Passover